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Oh, salve I see, to get an RSS feed you must pay. Well no thanks, I can do without a feed for now. A Salon.commembership would be cheaper and more worth my time. And I don’t even have one of those yet. So if somebody wants to send me some money over paypal to dram [at] ingenuitas [dot] org.

Alright, information pills I have the site now set up as I want it. Each of the links should work, if they don’t please email me. The sites that I have links to are ones that I read mostly every day, sometimes more. Also most of the links that will show up in my posts will be from those sites.
For those of you who use to read the old this new site will be nothing like it. Mainly because writing “Went to go see a movie with Jill tonight” or, “Continued to work on my POSC 330 paper” would get really borring for me, and I’m sure for you too.
Instead I will write about what I’m reading and thinking about. Hopefully if I get enough people reading this and following links to other sites I will have some of these other people start to look at my site and maybe even link to me. Yes, you know this is my grand plan for world domination. I plan to capture the world one set of eyeballs at a time.
And so everybody knows, I will hardly ever update this many times in one day. Really this site will be much more like Dan Pink’s Just One Thing. Of course I will update more than once some days, maybe some days I wont update at all. But on average it will be once a day I think.

As you might have noticed I removed the stupid banner ad. I did this by hosting my blog at, glands as you probably could tell. It’s still powered by blogger, healing as you could probably tell, but it’s hosted on the server.
Anyways, time for more customization!

So I was trying to get Movable Type working on Clearly it hasn’t worked yet. So I guess I will stay here with my blog for now.
I don’t know how much I will be updating this. I haven’t been online in the past three days, order and I guess blogsloose visitors when they aren’t updated for a number of days. I need to finish adding links to other blogs and random sites I read. Also I want to see if I can get the RSS feed working. The last thing on my list of things to do with this site is to move it to an ftp site so I can get rid of this stupid banner ad.
And I guess I have an hour and a half to work on all of this before class. So lets see how it goes…