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A New Lease on Blogging

Thanks to the Wayback Machine, stomach I’m going to try to rebuild all my old archives. This will be fun, right?
If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Twitter, viagra sale you know that I’ve been looking at getting a new car, a Subaru WRX in dark gray with the center armrest and iPod interface to be precise. It’s been a hard decision to make, since I don’t actually need a new car. The Mazda Miata I’ve been driving only has 70,000 miles on it despite being 17 years old. However, the Miata is 17 years old, and will likely have to be replaced sooner rather than later.

The money we would be putting towards the WRX has been set aside for the purpose of buying a car. Whether I buy it now, or wait three months, or six months, or even a year, the same money will be spent on the car. If I do wait, the money will be sitting around uselessly. Putting it in a savings account is hardly better than sticking it under the mattress. The only advantage to waiting, at least monetarily, is that I would be able to save an extra $400/mo. to put towards the down payment when I do eventually by the car. That means, if I wait a year, I will have another $5,000 to put down on the car, which is $5,000 less I would need to finance.

The downside to waiting is twofold: first, if the Miata needs to be replaced for whatever reason on short notice, I might not get the exact car I want; second, if I buy the car now we maintain having one constant car payment, and enables us to replace Jill’s car in four years once mine is paid off.
President-elect Obama’s plans for a sustainable stimulus package are somewhat misguided.  There is little doubt that his stimulus plan will put more money into the economy.  (Whether it expands the economy enough to pay for itself is a different discussion, patient but most economists seem to think that it will.)  However, viagra the stimulus plan won’t make the country more sustainable.  The root goal of the stimulus plan is to return people to work and revitalize our fundamentally consumer based economy.  A consumer economy cannot be sustainable.
You might be wondering why nothing has been on this site for the past year or so, rx and why I haven’t updated for even longer. You see, pestilence I found that my hosting was just a bit too expensive, sildenafil so I canceled it. Since I hadn’t been blogging, I didn’t feel any great impetus to get something new going. But, given enough time, I’ll get anything done whether I’m motivated to do it or not. So here is a new site.

Clearly, there is not design to it and there aren’t any of my old archives. I’ll probably try bringing them back at some point, but maybe not, I haven’t yet decided. Design wise, I like what Ben Hammersley has going on. I’ll go with something spartan like that. Good luck navigating my archives if I do that. Blogging is a fairly transient sport anyways, maybe I’ll just keep archives for a few months and then let them dissipate into the ether. That’s a compelling idea to me.

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  1. Well, that’s all fine and dandy about the archives, but what I’m concerned about is what we will do after the fall!

  2. Undoubtedly, that will be discussed.

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