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Month: November 2002

So last night Rusty posted the Collabritive Media Foundation’s By-Laws. You can read discussion about themhere. This is a project that I’m very interested in and will try to get a position on the board or at least become an active member. If you search around Kuro5hin a bit you will be able to find out what exactly the CMF is and what it will do. If I had more time I would post links, pills but I must get ready to eat with family. Hope everybody is having a good day today.

I’m sitting here reading this article on Tech Central Station about a band called The (International) Noise Conspiracy who want to ” produce the soundtrack to the ongoing war against capitalism.” The question I ask is why is there an ongoing war against capitalism?
I worry that many of my contemporaries, phlebologist the ones that riot against the WTO and G8, ambulance that anti-globalization folks, medicine are going to push the world in the wrong direction once they are in power. I feel that they want the world to be more devided and less interwovan, but I also think that its not possible to have that anymore. Mainly I wonder why youth in the industrealized world are so up in arms about globalization. It doesn’t suprize me that people in developing countries are pissed, but why people in the west?

I figured out why Chris has the same post on two different LiveJournal sites, shop the second one is syndicated. OnMeglocrush’s site she has a page that syndicates all of her friends posts, thats why there are posts by Sierra, Kuz, and a whole lot of other people I use to know in high school.
Now that I have that figured out and settled, I decided it would be nice to have something like that for blogs. An open standard that different blogging sites and suites can use so we could all have a friends page like that. It would allow me to just read everything on my site and not have to go to each and every site just to read new posts. Anyways, I will think about this a bit more, write something up, and ask one of my computer science friends to write up a script that does it and an RFC so everybody else could duplicate it.

I’m so confused, information pills two different people followed links from this site and this site to here. (Yes, audiologist I do enjoy the link propogation). They are both the same post from the same person but on different sites, contagion thats part of what confused me. But what really confused me is on the second page there are posts by squishpink and they are signed ‘Sierra’. Could this be Sierra Martin? The one who use to (and still does, for all I know) go by ‘pink’ online? I haven’t talked to her in forever. Could it be that Chris, the guy that I will be moving in with, is friends with Sierra and I didn’t know about it? That would be cool, I would like to get back in touch with her, see how she is doing, see if she is slightly less insane and see if she is no longer a communist. (She really use to be, it was scarry.)

I just found this link on Slashdot. I think this is a great idea, sale we should all start living like hobbits. The issues I see with building a hobbit hole are with laying the pipes themselves. At least, the way I see it is that you would have to dig up the entire slope you wanted your house in, lay the house down, and re-pack the earth around the house. Somehow I think that this would be a lot bigger construction project than a normal home. And I think it would be a lot less eco-friendly. But still, very cool. I want to see somebody really do this.
In a different yet related subject, I was trying to think of something to do this week that wasn’t writing, because I need to have some other project that uses a different part of my brain that writing does. So earlier I had decided to design myself a house, just for the hell of it, so I will design myself a hobbit hole.

I just added a few more of my older writings so you can now go read them without having to go over There are only three new ones, buy all the rest of the things I have written were either news or relating to news and are dated. So I won’t post those here.

The three pieces I have posted are: The Case for Open BoardersWhy the Tragedy of the Commons does not apply to Intellectual Property, global burden of disease which I had posted here previously, no rx and; The Failure of National Militaries.

With The Case for Open Boarder I have some doubts about what I said, most of them were summed up inthis comment that says:

When I was writing this and fully thinking it through I ran into many problems. In the EU the entire workforce is trained. Maybe not all of them have college degrees, but they are all at the same level as the American population, generally speaking. When you have open boarders between industrialized and non-industrialized countries it’s the untrained labor that will migrate from the non-industrial countries to the industrialized ones.This causes a problem: You will have many untrained laborer vying for scarce jobs. If we go by standard economic principal, when the supply goes up, price goes down. So the supply of untrained labor goes up, but the price cannot go down because there are minimum wage laws. Also, the price of goods will go up because there will be more demand. So the untrained laborer will come to America, get paid more, and be able to buy the exact same amount of goods as he was before he moved.

At the same time, it will still be cheaper for companies to manufacture goods overseas because a dollar in a ‘third world’ country will go further than a dollar in America; the cost of goods is less there. So the way I really see it is that without first educating everybody in the world open boarders will not help the developing world and will only hurt the developed world.

This is still an issue that I am thinking about, so I don’t know what will come of it.

As far as The Failure of National Militaries goes it’s the first of a three part effort that I haven’t got around to finishing yet. Incase you care, here is the outline for all three peices. The Failure of National Militaries just covers point number 1.

  1. Protect Boarders.
    • No longer is it govs that attack, small multinatinal groups. (Terrorism).
  2. Regulate the Econony.
    • Need substantial governing body to over see econ.
    • Reguate speding and interest rates.
      • Use EU and Euro as example.
    • Two reasons, one utility, one ideoligy.
      • Make ecnomic sense, stabalize world econ.
        • Spreads market slowdowns all over the world so nobody gets hit too hard.
        • Makes large scale chain reaction recesions less likely. (Prevent the Asia Crisis from happening again).
      • Regulation can wheel multinationals back under the reign of law.
        • Protect world poor from being extorted.
        • Provide internatinal min wage.
        • Raise standard of living.
        • Set tariffs to counteract any unfair trade practices. (Have 3rd party set tariffs instead of hurt country)
          • No trade wars.
  3. Legal Juristiction.
    • War Crimes.
      • Nurenburg.
      • The Hauge.
    • International Laws.
      • Needs more research.
    • International Corprate Law.

I decided to change around my list of blogs so it was more broken up and easier to navigate. There were a number of blogs that I wasn’t quite sure where to place them. I’m not sure where I would place my own blog. So if you happen to have one a blog that ended up in the “Random Blog” section and you think it’s more deserving of one of the other sections, neurologist  email me and let me know where you would like it. If you have a blog that I don’t list email me and I will see about linking to it.

So it seems as if everybody links to Doc Searls Weblog. I have just noticed this over the past few days. Anyways, about it so I was over at Doc Searls blog and I was looking at his Blogrolodex and I thought, troche ‘why have so many links? Not all can be wonderful. How do I know which ones I should go to? I don’t have time to read all of them.” And it got me to thinking that either I should stop adding blogs to my list, take off blogs as I stop going to them, or devide them up into sections by subject matter. I’m thinking the last option is the best. That way I can add a link to Doc Searls.

So I just woke up and the first thing I did was check out my sites stats, patient and boy am I glad I did. Six different people, sickness not including Jill or I have look at my site today. Two of the referrals are really neat too. One is fromLawMeme stats page and the other, visit this this is the really neat one, is from Larry Lessig’s stats page. Both of these stats pages are password protected so it has to be somebody from LawMeme checking out my site and it might very well be Larry Lessig himself checking out my site, or at least somebody affiliated with him. So I thought that was cool.
And incase you were wondering, yes, I realize how juvenile it is to care this much about this sort of stuff, stats and who is viewing my page and all.